Fans want Elliot Page to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash

With Ezra Miller's reputation severely damaged in recent months 

and one bad story after another making headlines, there's been

 a lot of talk about what the controversy means for The Flash. 

At this point, the superhero movie was in the making, and given

 Miller's importance in the film, it would be impossible to rephrase

 the role without having to re-shoot the entire movie from scratch.

 Miller is expected to remain in the film for the release of The Flash,

 although it's highly likely that his role as Barry Allen will be recast in the future.

If Warner Bros. introduced a new Barry Allen to the DCEU after The Flash,

 who would that actor be? Fans have spent a lot of time discussing the 

different possibilities. Grant Gustin, who plays the character in the TV series

 version of The Flash's Arrowverse, has become a popular choice. In recent days,

 after the third season of The Umbrella Academy was released on Netflix, 

Elliot Page has appeared on social media as another

popular choice with many fans sold out at the suggestion.