A new release from Dave Chappelle titled “What’s in a Name?”

 dropped on Netflix Thursday, consisting of a speech in which the comedian

 addresses the backlash he’s faced for transphobic material in his standup

The 40-minute speech was released on Netflix without any prior announcement

The speech took place at a renaming ceremony for the performance theater at Chappelle’s high-school alma mater

The comedian held a combative Q&A with its students, in which they expressed

 their concerns about the transphobic content of Chappelle’s latest special, The Closer. 

Chappelle responded by saying they “deserve an F for forgiveness” and 

dismissing their concerns as “immature.” The day after the Q&A. 

Chappelle said in an Instagram post that renaming the theater after him

 was not his “idea, aim, or desire” but that, at the request of the school’s founder, he accepted