Hollywood actor Brad Pitt says he suffers from a rare 

health condition which he says causes "face blindness"

The 58-year-old Oscar-winning actress told GQ magazine

 that he believes he has prosopagnosia, a rare neurological disorder 

that makes it difficult to recognize faces, even those of friends or relatives.

Pitt said he often struggled to recognize people and

worried people felt "isolated, unapproachable and self-centered"

“Nobody believes me,” he said. “I want to meet another (sufferer).”

Prosopagnosia often affects people from birth and can be a life-threatening

Often, people with this condition use special strategies to 

help people recognize them, such as the way they walk, 

their hairstyle or color, their voice, or their clothes. 

It can often lead to social anxiety in sufferers 

as they worry about not recognizing people they know