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How to use Cookies on PC Browser and Mobile Device

What are Browser Cookies?

Browser cookies are small data files stored on your device by websites to remember user information and preferences, enhancing user experience and enabling website functionality like session management, personalization, and tracking.

How to use Website Cookies on PC Browser?

Follow these simple steps below to import cookies:

  1. First you need to download Cookie Editor Extention for your browser (Links Above)
  2. Go to the website where you want to add the Cookies. Wait for the page to fully load.
  3. Click on the Cookie Extention icon on the top right of your browser and click Delete (to delete existing cookies)
  4. Now click on Import and an empty box will appear.
  5. Copy the Cookies you got from our website and paste it in the empty box.
  6. Again click on Import to add the cookies
  7. Reload the page and your cookies are updated

How to use Cookies on Mobile Device?

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Google Playstore and download the KiWi Browser (Click Here).
  2. Launch KiWi Browser and navigate to this link below.
  3. Click Here to add the Cookies Editor Extension to the KiWi Browser.
  4. Visit the website where you’d like to import cookies.
  5. Tap the three-dot button, scroll down, and locate the extension.
  6. Open the extension and remove all previous cookies by clicking the delete button.
  7. Click on the Import Button, paste the copied cookies, and press import.
  8. Refresh the website page.
  9. If the cookies are active, you’ll be connected to the account.